Exus, Inc. and its parent company have delivered quality window treatment products for more than 15 years to wholesalers and retailers worldwide.

Professional craftsmen make our beautiful plantation shutters from North American furniture grade basswood and finish them in multiple step processes. Each Exus shutter undergoes a rigorous 38 point quality control inspection at various stations throughout the production cycle. We use the most advanced machinery and technology available. It is our belief that our dedication to innovation in products and processes set us apart from any other shutter supplier on the planet.

Exus offers shutters in many shapes and forms; Multi-fold panels, Bypass, Bi-Fold, Café style, Arches, Eyebrow, Circles, Octagons and Regular Squares. In addition, you can choose from a wide variety of standard paints and stains, but if this is not enough, custom colors are also available.

State of the art finishing processes with each paint booth equipped with a waterfall over spray and residue attraction system and an ozone safe emissions filtration system that releases clean air and water back into the environment. After painting, each shutter is placed on a conveyer system that is also air filtered and heat lamps actually bake the finish.

We purchase our lumber from environmentally responsible harvesters of sustainable forests right here in the USA. Wood is the most eco-friendly building material and when harvested and replenished responsibly, the environmental footprint is lessened to an even greater degree. All of our lumber is subjected to an electronic kiln drying process that removes any unwanted moisture that may cause warping. This allows for a strong and durable finished product guaranteed to last for years.